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Featured Speakers

Jenny Kassan of Cutting Edge Capital helps with financing startup and scale. Cutting Edge Capital provides small and mid-sized businesses with the information, tools, and expertise they need to raise capital in a way that fits with their unique business model and long-term goals. As experienced business lawyers, entrepreneurs, and finance experts, the CEC team has identified capital raising strategies that allow businesses to solicit non-traditional sources of funding. In addition to being a great way to raise capital, these strategies allow businesses to build public support and recognition at the same time they are raising funds.

To engineer is human, and, science alone will not solve our global problems. So says author Henry Petroski, Duke Professor and author of many titles addressing the role and value of design, engineering, and, most essentially, human problem solving. In his latest book, "The Essential Engineer: Why Science Alone Will Not Solve Our Global Problems" Petroski calls for us to roll up our sleeves and start building, thinking, and solving problems. He also explores a little-followed strategy--that of focusing on failure. He will keynote Day 2 of ReVV2011 where we begin to explore how to generate community innovation.

Woody Tasch is a true innovator. His idea is simple: create appropriate finance tools that meet the needs of the social change. Drawing inspiration from the Slow Food movement he focuses on the relationship between our food, farms, and finance, uncovering the fatal flaw in the funding. Where nature is in charge, finance deals must follow her lead--fast money doesn't work. In his book "Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money" Woody suggests that finance tools should match the reality, not the other way around. We're honored to have Woody be our morning keynote come March 7, 2011. Read more about him on Slow Money.

"Indispensable reading, to be placed on the same shelf as Wendell Berry and E.F. Schumacher." - Gregory Whitehead, Treasurer, The Whitehead Foundation

"It goes along with Small is Beautiful on my 'books that matter' shelf." -Joan Dye Gussow, Professor, Columbia University

Two days of sharing ideas for growing an innovation ecosystem

ReVV2011 is a how-to conference experience for directors and staff from enterprise (nonprofits and for-profits), finance, foundations, and funders who will join educational institutions, community leaders, government, and people looking to make a difference.
Six Big Themes drive the conference design. More time with the experts, and to build community.

What are the new tools, skills and strategies? What exactly will you learn?
These Big Six themes highlight a game-changing "toolkit"--concrete and actionable.

  1. Impact Investing: Funding and investing models that promote financial and social returns.
    [For grantmakers and investors as well as entrepreneurs to learn more about how to engage in this kind of financing that provides financial support and multiple returns.]

  2. Strategy: Integrate new proven strategies that increase success and results.
    [For any business or nonprofit leader who is looking to improve results. Design the "final strategy", shift to more effective decision-making, find better partners, or where to look for the next big idea. These sessions offer practical and game-changing strategies.]

  3. Metrics: Learn to integrate social and environmental measures into your organization.
    [Foundations, investment firms, and social businesses all need a way to track new commitments to social and environmental impact. At ReVV there will be a session for each group to learn how to integrate powerful new tools to ensure money and resources make a difference.]

  4. Start up: Learn where to find needed talent, funding, and community support.
    [Start-up is painful and fragile, and without better support the world loses value. New services and programs offer help.]

  5. Innovation: Learn how to create the conditions under which citizens and communities innovate.
    [We talk about it, but how do we make it happen for real value? New research offers insight and tools into how to increase our individual and collective innovation quotient for good.]

  6. Ecosystem: Engage with new tools, policies, and frameworks that strengthen the larger ecosystem.
    [Improving the world in new ways demands a supportive ecosystem for leadership and ideas. This includes education, networks, models, and policy leadership. What seems to be making the difference that you can make use of now?]

With the ReVisioning Value Conference, Springboard Innovation brings the critical sectors together, balancing audiences across the finance, change leadership, government, and business worlds. This new common space is where we can transform the traditional and the institutional into models that create sustainable traditions and institutions that can innovate.

Who should attend and why?

  • Financial community: investors, banking, lending, foundations will learn how to make their money matter.
  • People interested in sustainability and social change--activists and community leaders will learn ways to do things differently, from housing to job creation to community building.
  • Nonprofits who are seeking new strategies for long-term viability.
  • Mission-driven enterprise learn new tools and approaches for early stage success to scale.
  • Individuals, families, and institutions seeking to invest in change will better understand the evidence, realities and tools being adopted in finance for good.
  • Business leaders, HR directors can hear about how to create innovative partnerships that offer employees and retiring staff chances to use their skills for good.
  • Civic and government leaders will hear from global leaders who are advancing game-changing policies.
  • Academics, students, and researchers will hear from cutting edge business, policy, and finance leaders who are influencing how businesses and nonprofits will be run in the future.

And, if you joined us in 2010 you can find conference pictures here and blog postings here for thoughts and articles about the conference.